Completion 1998

Parliament Building Male, Maldives

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Completion 2003


Slide 2

Completion 1997

Parliament Lodges Islamabad

Slide 3

Completion 1988

Faisal Mosque Islamabad

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National Construction Limited has endeavored not only to provide the most complete and competitive service in the Construction field, but has also established an institutional platform for training technical manpower in Pakistan. The Company is proud of the job potential that it has created for Pakistani technical manpower.

Board of Directors

National Construction Limited is a corporate body governed by its Board of Directors and to give it a commercial outlook and financial stability, the Government of Pakistan hold majority of its shares while the balance are held by major financial institutions in Pakistan. The Company has spared no efforts to sustain a nation-wide movement on healthy lines recognizing the rights and privileges of the workers on the one hand and showing its awareness in sharing the responsibility in the field of national development on the other.

The reach experience

Thus National Construction Limited is determined to make a meaningful contribution towards the nation endeavor to usher in a new era of economics progress and prosperity. The reach experience, professionalism and dedication of its engineers, staff and workers have helped the organization to achieve its objective in a relatively short time. This is just the beginning INSHA-ALLAH we hope to achieve more as a national organization.

Since 32 Years

National Construction Limited has not only served to reverse the effect of the exodus to technical and skilled personnel. It has also during the last 32 years successfully functioned as a receptacle to hold residual technology. In this way it has eliminated, to a great extent, Pakistanā€˜s dependence of foreign construction cartels, thereby saving precious foreign exchange and, in its own humble way, contributing to make Pakistan self reliant in sophisticated construction technology.

It will be significant to point out that National Construction Limited was not raised to replace the private sector engineering firms, but to supplement their effort in carrying out highly sophisticated national development projects. This has been amply demonstrated over, the past few years, that, the establishment of National Construction Limited has given a tremendous boost to the private sector construction agencies and jointly, therefore, we have been able to undertake multi dimensional projects.
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